Today, Paglierani is a solid business in tune with the requests of the third millennium. Four manufacturing centers, located in central and northern Italy with a total area of 42.500 m2, provide for the  development and construction of technologically advanced and high performing machinery. The electronic division of Paglierani (Paglierani Elettronica), is devoted to research and metrological tests and ensures conformity of our equipment to even the most severe international norms. Paglierani is definitively the only business in the world capable to grant project, manufacture, commissioning, start-up and after-sales services of the machines and of the lines it produces. A push for growth, a search for specialized, market-based solutions, increasingly avant-garde technological aides, and improvements in the production cycle have brought the company success in 32 nations on all five continents and have led it to an indisputable position as an international leader in the sector. For more information on Paglierani, please head over to its website.