HTX Grain Heater


The HTX Grain Heater is designed for controlled temperature increase of free-flowing cereal grains.

Grain is conveyed into the heater via the inlet hopper, where it passes by a series of vertical heating plates. As the Grain flows through the plates, heat is conducted from the plate surfaces to the grain. Temperature increases of up to 70° F (21° C) are possible.

The HTX Grain Heater is very flexible because of its modular design and its automatic or manual controls.  The machine can be mounted above or through the floor.  Steam, super heated water, or even thermal oil systems can be used as the heating medium.  There is also an optional feed-back control system that can continuously monitor and maintain the target set point temperature and product retention time.  All of these features make for easy training, use, and maintenance.

There are many benefits to using the HTX Grain Heater but here are a few;

  • Eliminates condensation
  • Improved grain cleaning efficiency
  • Improved grain tempering
  • Increased flour mill yields
  • Reduced flour ash
  • Fully automatic- PLC controlled
  • Low maintenance- no moving parts
  • Most compact grain heater available
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger ensures no corrosion with exchanger assembly