Training & Courses


OCRIM School of Milling Technology | Cremona, Italy

The OCRIM Milling Technology School, located inside of OCRIM’s headquarters, is considered as one of the company’s flagship.

The School, known throughout the world, organizes training courses for the milling sector run by OCRIM staff – project manager, chemists, technologists, head millers, engineers and technicians – and also by teachers and experts coming from the American headquarters of IAOM (International Association of Operative Millers).

The formative experience is the right key to strengthen and divulge competence and knowledge. The high level generally imposed by OCRIM is the drive of each project and for this reason its school has become and is considered a real institution.

Courses typically take place in late spring to early summer months. For more information, please visit or


We offer in-depth training on a wide range of both OCRIM and CETEC equipment. We offer both onsite or satellite training suitable for both parties.

Benefits of training include:

  • Face-to-face interaction.
  • Equipment functionalities and maintenance.
  • Systematic safety standards and hazard-prevention.
  • Utilization of equipment’s full-potential

For more information, please contact us at or (410) 796-0890.