“VOMM Impianti e Processi” was founded at the end of the ’60s in Italy, with the mission of developing more effective and innovative continuous technology for “Zini Prodotti Alimentari”, parent company active in the food production sector.

In just a few years the patented Turbo Technology was applied in several sectors for raw material and by-product processing.

Research and development activities on the application of its own Turbo Technology brought VOMM to obtain more than 50 international patents for innovative industrial treatments in different applications (flours, rubbers, soaps and detergents, wastes, etc.).

From an organizational point of view, VOMM has created dedicated companies to catch new market opportunities over the years and today it is organized in one holding company (“Ambiente & Nutrizione”) and four main parent companies: “VOMM Impianti e Processi”, “VOMM Service”, “GeoTeck” and “Zini Prodotti Alimentari”.

The market successfully welcomed VOMM’s Turbo Technology with more than 500 plants operating all over the world on industrial applications in food, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

VOMM participated to several Life and Eureka environmental projects by the European Union and received important awards like the “Prize of Technological Innovation of Chamber of Commerce of Milan” (1996 and 1997) and “Best environmental project” in China for Beijing sludge drying plant (2010).

Moreover VOMM technology has been selected for the environmental infrastructure works in Sochi, city of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

VOMM Impianti e Processi S.p.A. is certified ISO 9001:2008, it has SOA certificates to participate in public tenders in Italy and all the required certificates to operate in Russia and China.

VOMM is partner of “Suistainable Cruise Project”, master plan co-funded by the European Commission through LIFE+ project, which aim is to reduce, recover and recycle waste produced on ships in order to improve the contribution of maritime sector to global climate change.

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